Thank you for choosing the Sylvania Historical Village as your education destination! Your trip to the past is about to begin! This pre-visit information is designed to help you prepare for your journey.

Prior to your visit please complete each item on this check-list.

  • Review the information on the Village website.
  • Make your Group Reservation Request and confirm your visit with Village staff.
  • Send home permission slips and notes to parents.
  • Recruit adult chaperones. One for every 10 students in grades 2 and above. One for every five students in pre-kindergarten through grade 1.
  • Make all chaperones aware of the Chaperone Information Page on the Village website
  • Divide students into groups and assign an adult leader/chaperone to each group.
  • Fill out Chaperone Information Sheet with student lists, teacher goals and other information.
  • Create (or have students create) school name tags for each adult and student to wear that have the school name and teacher name on them.
  • Review guidelines and goals with your students.
  • Remind students what to wear for their visit. The Historical Village operates in all kinds of weather.
  • Arrange payment so it can be made with one check, credit card or purchase order
  • Print off and complete the Village Check In Form and have it ready when you arrive.