1844 Stone Academy Our Stone Academy replicates the original nineteenth century one-room stone schoolhouse that was located on the same lot as the Village, near Maplewood Avenue and Main Street in Sylvania in 1844. The original Stone Academy served area children from 1844 to 1869. Our replica was built in 2001 and was modeled on a drawing (using somewhat smaller dimensions) from a centennial history of the city of Sylvania, published in 1933.

Today, costumed interpreters use our Stone Academy to recreate the experience of learning to read, write and “cipher,” or use arithmetic, as the children of Sylvania did in the 1840s.

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A Stone Schoolhouse?

We're often asked why Sylvania had a stone schoolhouse.  Most folks think of a wooden, simple frame, one-room structure with a belfry when they are asked to describe a nineteenth century schoolhouse.  Sylvania's Academy was different.  It was built using the abundance of fossil stone found in nearby quarries.